The Art of Henna

Body Art for the Soul

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This is a community for all those who love body art. Henna is an ancient tradition, most often done in Africa, the Middle East, and India, though it has been found in Australia and New Zealand.

Henna was used on brides as a sort of initiation of the marriage, a last stand for the women to get together and bond before the bride went off to be with her husband. In African countries it was often used as protective; symbols against the evil eye and other things were incorporated into designs. If one was in need of a powerful amulet, they would place the design near the eyes, or another opening. In the Middle East henna was used as a way to keep cool in the desert. They would paint the bottoms of their feet to keep from burning, as henna is a natural coolant.

Henna has also been used in medicenes and as a hair dye. As a hair dye, it makes the hair much more healthy and enhances red and brown tones.

Today it is used both in ritual and as simple decoration; join this community and celebrate the art of henna.