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I've had time to play a bit now with my new henna. Admittedly sloppy (I mixed a little too thin) but the color is proving nice!

Click on the photo to go to flickr and read more about it.

I've got this lovely henna for sale here: Henna Muse Rajasthani!

close up of new fall Raji color

New Raj results!

Contribute your desings!
Mehndi, peacock, Rajasthani henna
I am organizing a community henna design book for the Henna Tribe this year ( Please consider contributing your unique designs! Not only is this a feel-good community project, but also an opportunity to plug yourself as a henna artist. Each submission will include a short bio of the artist as well as small add banner if you like.

For more details:


Jen Schafer
Henna Muse

crappy, crappy henna
So I am doing henna at some events and cons this year, as fundraiser for Rustycon and for the Seattle in 2011 World Science Fiction Convention bid.

However, getting my henna did not go as planned...

I ordered henna from my usual supplier, Maison Kenzi, who gets it straight from Morocco, and it's wonderful, gorgeous stuff. But it got delayed getting to her. Not her fault, and this has really never happened, and I have no expectation that it will ever happen again. She's very reliable. But I don't know when I'm getting it, and I have an event on Sunday.

So I went to Zenith Supplies in Seattle, and bought their henna, in what I knew would be a vain attempt to get decent henna. Their henna was in a big clear jar, exposing the henna to light, which is BAD for the lawsone, which is what makes henna dye. So I asked if I could get some henna that they might have in the back that hadn't been sitting in the non-airtight, clear jar. She told me not to worry, that they went through that whole jar each day, so it was freshly replaced daily. Um, bullhockey. There was enough in that jar to supply every professional henna artist on the west coast through an entire weekend of festivals or weddings. I was out of the right essential oils to add, so I was looking for them there. They didn't have ravensara or niaouli, so I settled for tea tree. The same lady told me, in a very snotty and faux-authoritative tone, that "professional henna artists recommend eucalyptus." Um, no, eucalyptus is what you find in those cheesy henna kits, because it's cheap and has a long shelf life. Also, they claimed to make all their own essential oils. I seriously doubt it. Needless to say, I didn't have a whole lot of hope for using their stuff.

But I had no other choice. So I risked it. I sifted it, and mixed it, and terped it. I added a little extra tea tree, to try to make up for the crappiness I suspected. Then, I strained it through a nylon stocking as I usually do, to get rid of any lumps or clumps or stuff that made it through when I sifted it. That's where the problems really started. It was impossible to strain, and the henna in the bag was practically liquid, and there was a clump of almost solid paste left in the stocking. This is NOT how it's supposed to go! So, I decided to just mix it all back together, and take my chances. I wanted to see how it dyed, and next time I'll just triple- or quadruple-sift the powder before I mix. Of course, as I worked, the cone clogged every minute or two. Also, despite copious amounts of sugar, there was zero stringiness and it cracked very quickly.

I'm a little out of practice, so my lines aren't so great here. This is an hour after applying.

This is after 12 hours. Normally, the way I terp Kenzi's henna, it is a gorgeous medium to dark orange-brown within 12 hours. The dye is so light, it looks more like my hand is burn-scarred if you look at it from farther away than 2 feet.

Luckily, Magical Mehendi can get me some Jamilla by Thursday. Because I'd rather cancel doing henna on Sunday than use this crap.

Spring Fling 2008-California
Hi I just thought I would pass on this information about the upcoming Spring Fling in California. I just got word that we are moving the venue back to Patterson, CA and because of this we can drop the fee back to $100.
The drawback is that the house sleeps about 15 and after that people will need to make hotel accomodations nearby.
The weblink should be changed shortly but in the meantime for more information please email

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Morgan Cyr
Beth of Monsoon Henna passed on the information today that Morgan Cyr has passed over. She had been battling Hodgkins.

the message Beth sent:
I don’t know how many of you knew Morgan from Hennapage, but today we got the sad news that she passed away from Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. You can read about her journey on her CaringBridge site, here:

I'm xposting this to the various henna groups. Morgan has been off and on the Henna Page for several years, met and inspired a fair amount of people over the years. She had a small flickr gallery of her works and it's here

A very lovely and talented woman has gone.

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Benazir Bellydance Bazaar - Cleveland OH 8/18/07

Come one, come all to the...

July 4, 2007 - Henna
07/04/07 #3

These henna pieces were created for my bellydance troupe's participation in the Lakewood OH July 4th parade. Above photo taken 24 hours after henna application.

2 detail pictures below the cut!Collapse )

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Can anyone help me with finding possible websites that sell henna applicators to do more delicate detailed work?
can you tell me what you use and what works best?

Magical Mehendi Henna Shop now open
Today I've opened up the Magical Mehendi Henna Shop.
Henna powders, essential oils, glitter, gems, glitter gels, and other assorted odds n ends.
There are 3 essential oil blends that I have created trying to reproduce the mystery mehndi oils, but with safe ingredients and they smell entoxicating!

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