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Good henna sellers?
lotus - jiatra
psykiapa wrote in henna_art
Hey there -

I am going to be doing some henna for some fundraisers/benefits coming up in the next 2 months, and so I'm going to need to get A LOT of henna for VERY CHEAP (considering it's a fundraiser, and I am a poor college student.). I also want to use good, fresh henna.

I don't have many functional applicators or much of anything anymore, so I would be down for buying a kit. I just need it to be financially worth it. I would also prefer to buy henna in the Twin Cities metro area (MN), so it would be especially helpful if any of you have recommendations for that.

Moral of the story: Where do you all get your henna in bulk? What would be the best fiscal option for me?

I've found some websites, but would prefer personal recommendation.

Also, I'm still thinking about some design challenges. They will be announced for May and June, so keep your eyes peeled!

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Red Cat Black Cat is affiliated with the Henna Page: they sell henna in large quantities. You might also just ask some regular vendors (such as,, if they would be willing to make a bulk deal. How much do you need precisely? A little henna goes a long way.

I think I need about enough for 50 large tattoos (as in, full arm or leg). That should last me a while - and I wouldn't make all of it right away.

How much is a lot. I might be able to help you out.

I import from India, Pakistan, and Yemen, but I'm pretty sure unless when you say a lot you mean like 50 lbs, you don't want to go through that ordeal on your own.

I would need enough for about 50 people ... I'm not sure how much that is.

I'm sorry I couldn't be more specific ... do you have any idea?

50 large tattoos, as in full hand, arm, or leg, let's say. Not just small ones.

Good resource

For basically everything you need you can go to She has a vast amount of instructions, designs and links to which offers the option of getting samples at only $1.00. Her prices are great - for what doesn't seem like a lot of henna, 200g, (but once mixed is quite a lot) of the Rajasthani Monsoon Henna is only 12.00 and she ships very quickly. This gal is a henna fanatic and only sells good stuff.
Hope that helps!

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