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The Art of Henna

Body Art for the Soul

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Modly embarrassment ...
lotus - jiatra
psykiapa wrote in henna_art
I am here as a mod-thing to hang my head in shame for neglecting this community for so long (years and years and years). I apologize, so much, for this.

A part of why I haven't been involved with this community is that I haven't been doing henna recently. "Recently" being since high school (I am now in college). Lately, I've been getting more and more interested in taking up henna again, and a friend of mine encouraged me to do so.

So now I'm in an awkward position of being a moderator for this community, but also being one of those with very little experience. I would really like to change that - either by passing the baton on to someone who has more experience, or by changing the way this community operates to make it more effective.

Moral of the story: What do you want to see out of this community? Does anyone really want to take on the job of moderating this community?

There aren't many people who post, but there is still response to those posts that do occur. I'm thinking of ways that I can change this, or help to make this community more effective for communication.

As you can see, I've also changed the layout of the community. This was really just for the pretty factor.

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I would like to see more discussion on design, mixing your own henna, favorite sellers...

For what it's worth, I don't think one needs to be an expert on a topic to moderate a community that discusses that topic :)

I tend to lurk here mostly as I'm still learning everything and I don't really wantto post till I'm a bit better at what I'm doing.

But I agree with what the others have posted more discussion on design, mixing, and favourite sellers. Also that you don't need to be an expert, you just need to have the time and paitence to be a mod.

Thanks for commenting!

Yes, I agree with all of you - design, mixing, and favourite sellers are all key. I was also thinking of perhaps doing something in May/June to boost participation, like a design blitz. It will probably be in June. More details on that will be coming up soon ...

Keep the comments coming, I am determined to help revive this community!

I've seen other online henna communities keep the motion going with weekly or monthly art challenges, particular sharing days, and group projects. It just takes someone or enough someones with enough time to think to post these things. It's not easy running a comm!

Would you be interested in helping out? I mean, even just sending me to different websites would be a big help at this point ...

I want to actually be a mod, you know, rather than just someone who checks in every once in a while. I've got a few ideas for the summer.

I was thinking in May we could do a "henna additives" theme, and then in June we could have a design challenge. You know, to get people excited for the henna season in the summer. What sorts of design challenges have you seen be successful?

I can help out by at least cross-posting here whenever I upload pics. :) Everyone sharing their art (and often!) is always a good way to get things going. I haven't participated in any challenges myself but they usually seem to follow a theme of some sort: a regional style, parts of body, etc.

Design! Mixing! Tips for newbies like me!

Erm. Yes.

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