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The Art of Henna

Body Art for the Soul

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Moroccan design, Jamila henna, henna, mehndi
henna_muse wrote in henna_art
I was just told to remove henna from my listings at etsy. They say that this is not a supply for creating tangible goods. I sent a reply explaining that henna could be used in wood and fabric craft and sent pictures. The response seemed to ignore this point and continued to insist that I remove it. This piss anyone else off?

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You could always point them to my account (passion2create) as a real example of the sorts of things other than body art that one can do with henna.

I use henna to dye my yarn and some of my batik work, it is so for creating tangible goods, if there is anyone on Etsy selling natural dye stuff, you have a place there too.

This is frustrating - have you talked to anyone there? Henna is so useful as a natural dye, and so rich, that I think it adds a lot to the Etsy community. I feel like you should be able to sell henna paste ... maybe you have to mix it already? Or something?

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