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The Art of Henna

Body Art for the Soul

Pricing ...
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psykiapa wrote in henna_art
I'm about to do some henna parties as fundraisers, but I need this question answered first:

How much is a good price to charge?

I'm thinking $5 for small henna (unless it's absolutely miniscule), $10 for mid-size tattoos, and for anything larger, I'll charge based on the specific tattoo. How much would you all charge for a set of hands? A set of feet? A full back?

This is also good discussion for the community at large, since we've been getting a lot of newbies in.

Also, I've been practicing on myself and will have pictures soon. I just did a firebird/peacock on my leg that I really like, and am about to do some more tattoos. Photos soon, as well as the May discussion series/challenge.