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The Art of Henna

Body Art for the Soul

My first henna :3
I took my wrap off this morning to discover that things didn't go nearly as bad as I was panicking they might've after trying out henna for the first time. ^^;

I mixed the henna with only lemon juice and sugar, because as a first-timer I really didn't want to try to get into anything else too complicated yet. I wrapped it and left it for about ten hours. It isn't very dark, although that could be mostly because its on my lower leg. All in all, I'm pretty happy with the results, and I look forward to practicing some more. :)

A few pics.Collapse )

I did a little test spot on an inconspicuous part of the sole of my foot, and discovered that henna on my sole turns an amazing blood-red color. I have no idea what I want to do with that, but I want to do something--so are there any suggestions for good beginner foot patterns? I'm not sure what looks good on feet.

Thanks for the advice, again~ <3 At least this is a learning process that's actually quite fun. ^^;

Pricing ...
cool flag things
I'm about to do some henna parties as fundraisers, but I need this question answered first:

How much is a good price to charge?

I'm thinking $5 for small henna (unless it's absolutely miniscule), $10 for mid-size tattoos, and for anything larger, I'll charge based on the specific tattoo. How much would you all charge for a set of hands? A set of feet? A full back?

This is also good discussion for the community at large, since we've been getting a lot of newbies in.

Also, I've been practicing on myself and will have pictures soon. I just did a firebird/peacock on my leg that I really like, and am about to do some more tattoos. Photos soon, as well as the May discussion series/challenge.


Henna newbie update.
Thanks to the links I received after posting here before, I did some research and read up on henna, and I got a sample from The Henna Page. It's currently wrapped up and waiting for the dye to release, and I'm impatient, so I came on here to update everyone and say thanks for the help and the info!

After the dye releases, I'm going to paint my design onto my ankle/foot, wrap it, and leave it for as long as I can stand it... so hopefully in a few days I'll have some photos to show off here too. :)

Thanks again for the help!

(no subject)
I've always heard that 'black henna' is dangerous.

My friend just bought me some Golchin brand Black Henna from a Persian store. I was just curious if anyone knows if this certain brand could be any safer than what I heard of before.

Should I just trash it?

Complete henna newbie here.
Recently I was lamenting to a friend about how badly I wanted a tattoo, and how badly I am afraid of needles. Said friend, who has been dyeing her hair with henna for some time, suggested a henna tattoo, and I haven't been able to get my mind off of the idea since then. I definitely want to give myself a henna tattoo! :)

However, I'm a -complete- newbie about it. I've tried looking up newbie guides about henna tattooing online, but everything I find is kind of... brand-specific. I can't find anything that looks like a good reference for learning what I need to know as a beginner.

I also know that if I want to keep this tattoo around for a while, I'll need to redo it every few weeks; I'm fine with that, but I don't know anything about amounts of henna necessary for maintaining a tattoo for an extended period of time.

So basically, here's what I need to know:
-Are there any links to information that's really good for beginners and not just trying to push a certain product?
-What do I need to buy to start out with?
-How much henna do I need in order to renew the tattoo for, say, three months or so? (The idea I have isn't a particularly large design, maybe medium-ish? Around the ankle.)
-Am I crazy for wanting to do this myself?

Any help is GREATLY appreciated!

Good henna sellers?
lotus - jiatra
Hey there -

I am going to be doing some henna for some fundraisers/benefits coming up in the next 2 months, and so I'm going to need to get A LOT of henna for VERY CHEAP (considering it's a fundraiser, and I am a poor college student.). I also want to use good, fresh henna.

I don't have many functional applicators or much of anything anymore, so I would be down for buying a kit. I just need it to be financially worth it. I would also prefer to buy henna in the Twin Cities metro area (MN), so it would be especially helpful if any of you have recommendations for that.

Moral of the story: Where do you all get your henna in bulk? What would be the best fiscal option for me?

I've found some websites, but would prefer personal recommendation.

Also, I'm still thinking about some design challenges. They will be announced for May and June, so keep your eyes peeled!

Modly embarrassment ...
lotus - jiatra
I am here as a mod-thing to hang my head in shame for neglecting this community for so long (years and years and years). I apologize, so much, for this.

A part of why I haven't been involved with this community is that I haven't been doing henna recently. "Recently" being since high school (I am now in college). Lately, I've been getting more and more interested in taking up henna again, and a friend of mine encouraged me to do so.

So now I'm in an awkward position of being a moderator for this community, but also being one of those with very little experience. I would really like to change that - either by passing the baton on to someone who has more experience, or by changing the way this community operates to make it more effective.

Moral of the story: What do you want to see out of this community? Does anyone really want to take on the job of moderating this community?

There aren't many people who post, but there is still response to those posts that do occur. I'm thinking of ways that I can change this, or help to make this community more effective for communication.

As you can see, I've also changed the layout of the community. This was really just for the pretty factor.

Moroccan design, Jamila henna, henna, mehndi
I was just told to remove henna from my listings at etsy. They say that this is not a supply for creating tangible goods. I sent a reply explaining that henna could be used in wood and fabric craft and sent pictures. The response seemed to ignore this point and continued to insist that I remove it. This piss anyone else off?

Private sale!
Moroccan design, Jamila henna, henna, mehndi
Consider it an invitation only sale. Those few folks who read my blogs and share online communities in common with me will ever know about it. Aren't secrets fun?!?

I have some spring harvest Rajasthaini henna that does this:

It also has the unusual characteristic of being especially easy to rinse out of hair. It requires no sifting or straining, and is mildly stringy.

You can have some today for the low-low price of $30 per kilo plus $5 shipping. This is in bulk packaging, but I will supply you with individual baggies if you wish to divide it out. Share with friends. Stock up for summer.

This really is good henna. I'm not trying to get rid of it so much as trying to raise some cash.

I'll also part with Jamila for $6 a box. ($5.50 each if you buy a kilo or more) Shipping will be $5 for as much as I can stuff in a flat rate envelope. If you need more than will fit, I'll charge only the real cost of shipping, no mark up or handling fee.

The offer is good through Saturday only. Shipping prices are for US only. Tell me where you live for a quote on shipping to other countries. Don't use my store. I didn't set up the sales in my shopping cart. I can add any items that you may want to order from the store into a sale purchase though. PayPal and US credit card accepted. Interested parties should email (info@hennamuse.com) me.

Thanks for looking!


Hey Henna-People...
Moroccan design, Jamila henna, henna, mehndi
Something new!

I'm now hosting a listing for henna suppliers, and soon henna artists. You can check it out at HennaSuppliers.org. If you'd like a listing FREE OF CHARGE all you have to do is follow the the rules. If you want to find a supplier (or artist in your area eventually) you can rest assured that they are reliable, honest and only use 100% natural henna.

Please bookmark it. Pretty-pretty-pretty please link to it!