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My first henna :3
coffee_n_parlor wrote in henna_art
I took my wrap off this morning to discover that things didn't go nearly as bad as I was panicking they might've after trying out henna for the first time. ^^;

I mixed the henna with only lemon juice and sugar, because as a first-timer I really didn't want to try to get into anything else too complicated yet. I wrapped it and left it for about ten hours. It isn't very dark, although that could be mostly because its on my lower leg. All in all, I'm pretty happy with the results, and I look forward to practicing some more. :)

Be gentle. XP I know there are a lot of problems with it, but I'm leaning.
My critique of myself: The lines are way too thick, and the leaves I attempted to add to the vines look like blobs. This is probably because I tend to draw with really thick lines normally, but that just doesn't translate well to skin.

I did a little test spot on an inconspicuous part of the sole of my foot, and discovered that henna on my sole turns an amazing blood-red color. I have no idea what I want to do with that, but I want to do something--so are there any suggestions for good beginner foot patterns? I'm not sure what looks good on feet.

Thanks for the advice, again~ <3 At least this is a learning process that's actually quite fun. ^^;

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Hey that's pretty good! It will probably be a lot darker tomorrow or the next day: Jamila often looks extremely pale when the paste is first removed.

Anything looks good on feet. Flowers on the toes, a mandala on the top of the foot, vines and such down the sides (the inner side of the foot is an awesome place to get beautiful color).

Thanks for the compliment and for the tips too. :) I'm definitely going to do something on my foot but... haven't made any decisions yet. ^^

I guess for a first try it could've looked a lot worse. I'm frustrated with parts of it, but... it's not too bad, maybe. ^^;

It's better than my first try!

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