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bellahdance wrote in henna_art
I've always heard that 'black henna' is dangerous.

My friend just bought me some Golchin brand Black Henna from a Persian store. I was just curious if anyone knows if this certain brand could be any safer than what I heard of before.

Should I just trash it?

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I wouldn't use black henna, if I were you. Too much of a risk. Then again, there might be some brands that are alright.

Is it really black henna? There is another natural skin dye that makes temporary black tattoos. It's called Jagua, and that's safe.

The dangerous thing about black henna is the added chemicals to make it black. Someone else may know more, though.

It could be adulterated henna, or it could also be indigo. There's no way to be sure what's in it, though. I wouldn't use it.

And even if it is only indigo, its not good for body art.

"Black henna" rarely ever contains henna, but even when it does, that's not what makes it black. Black henna contains PPD, Para-phenyline diamine. PPD is very, very dangerous. Do Not Use! It can cause internal (liver, kidney) as well as external damage (chemical burns, permanent scarring.) Tis nasty, nasty stuff.

Henna only dyes brown to brown-red to dark mahogany.

If you want something less risky than PPD black henna (though still not totally safe), and you don't have really sensitive skin, you can look up Catherine Cartwright-Jones' method of soaking your design in ammonia after taking off the henna paste. I've seen pics, and it turned it black, or nearly black.

Black Henna

Henna isn't black - the products that retail as "Black Henna" are actually a hair dye, and contain PPD: a toxic chemical that can cause horrible systemic reactions. It has been officially banned in Canada (where I live), but it is widely available. Check out "The Henna Page" (google it) to find out the facts about "Black Henna" - do NOT use it!! This page also has really good tips & recipes for making henna pastes that end up darker & longer lasting... not black, but dark & SAFE.



throw the stuff away if you havent' already.

i heard that to its ok im a designer and i use it too dont worry

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